WDH: RKI now assigns 10 443 Corona cases to Omikron – four dead

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BERLIN (dpa-AFX) – Within one day, the number of reliably proven and probable Omikron cases in Germany that were transmitted to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) has risen sharply. 10,443 cases would now be assigned to the new Corona variant, 45 percent more than the previous day, according to an RKI overview page on Tuesday (data status December 28). The number refers to cases in November and December, most of the evidence comes from the previous week with 6257 (previous week: 2904).

Three people from the age group 60 to 79 years and one from the group 35 to 59 years were stated to have died. Information was provided of 124 cases that they were being admitted to the hospital. In 148 there was information that it was a reinfection – i.e. an infection despite previous corona infection.

A graph showing the development over time shows a steep increase in the numbers reported weekly in connection with Omikron. For the current week, the RKI expects a “high number of new and late registrations”. According to the RKI, the information relates to evidence based on complete genetic analyzes as well as laboratory diagnostic suspicions based on variant-specific PCR tests. In Germany, only a small part of the positive sample is examined for variants.


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