US authorities: Omicron variant dominant – but estimate adjusted

WASHINGTON (dpa-AFX) – The US health authority CDC has revised its estimates of the spread of Omikron significantly downwards – but the new variant remains dominant. For the week leading up to December 25, the agency estimates that around 59 percent of new infections in the United States are due to the Omikron variant. For the previous week, the CDC now gives a value of just under 23 percent – previously the authority had estimated about 73 percent here.

The agency stresses that the numbers could change at a later date when more data are available. In the past four weeks, according to current estimates, the Omikron share has increased significantly: from 0.6 percent at the beginning of December to around 59 percent at the end of December.

The number of new corona infections is also skyrocketing in the USA. Record numbers of new infections reported daily are reported in many states. Nationwide, the number of new infections every day is approaching the peak values ​​of January 2021. The number of people being treated with Covid-19 in hospital is also increasing – but it is still far from the level of last winter or the delta wave in summer. In the United States, just under 62 percent of the total population has been vaccinated twice

– almost a third of them received a booster vaccination./nau/DP/stw

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