ROUNDUP: Bushman for fines and against national register if vaccination is compulsory

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BERLIN (dpa-AFX) – Federal Justice Minister Marco Buschmann relies on random checks and fines for violations in the event of the introduction of a corona vaccination obligation. However, he is skeptical about the establishment of a national vaccination register. “I am always reluctant to use national registers that store data on the entire population,” the FDP politician told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Tuesday). Data protectionists feared that the state would gain extensive access to all health data of citizens. Setting up such a register would also take time.

“It is therefore most likely that you first check the evidence on a random basis and impose a fine if someone does not comply with this obligation. Anything else would probably take too long,” said Buschmann. The introduction of the 3G rule in public transport also worked in the same way. “We shouldn’t forget that many people obey the law not just because they fear sanctions, but because they are convinced that the law is binding. Otherwise, orderly coexistence would not be possible. The state cannot and should not do anything and everything at all times check.”

From Buschmann’s point of view, compulsory vaccination could be justified if the heavy burdens on individual freedom and the heavy medical, emotional and social burdens of the pandemic could be ended in this way. A majority of constitutional lawyers is also of the opinion that an obligation to vaccinate can be constitutionally justified. “On the other hand, it would be difficult to justify enforcing the compulsory vaccination with physical coercion. Therefore, from my point of view, it would be conceivable to levy a fine instead, as we know it from other European countries.”


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