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Financial priorities of Germans for 2022: Living more frugally is

for many currently more important than saving or investing (PHOTO)

Frankfurt (ots) – Current survey by JP Morgan Asset Management: Around one

A third of those surveyed would like help with their financial planning for 2022

Do more sport, eat healthier or lose weight – these good resolutions

many Germans want to put it into practice in the New Year. But which one

Germans have New Year’s resolutions for their finances for the year 2022

taken? There is also a current survey by JP Morgan Asset Management

interesting insights, with 1,000 women and men a maximum of three of their

identified key financial priorities for 2022. Since the survey in

This year, which was carried out for the second time, can even be

determine how priorities have changed in the second year of the pandemic.

Is it because of the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the pandemic? According to the survey

36 percent of the women and men surveyed want to live more frugally in the new year.

To do this, they would, for example, limit their consumption or seek cheaper ones

Keep an eye out for comparison offers, for example for contracts such as electricity or mobile communications.

This priority has increased by 5 percentage points compared to the previous year and

is currently by far ahead. Another 27 percent have decided to do theirs

Pay off debts, or at least not incur any new debt. Also for

this priority was an increase of three compared to the previous year

Percentage points. At 25 percent, every or every fourth respondent wants to be in the

create more transparency about expenses and a budget book for the new year

lead -this priority has this year with an increase of 9 percent

greatest growth achieved.

It is a surprise that 27 percent of the otherwise rather critical Germans agree

are satisfied with their own financial situation. These women and men stated

no further financial activities necessary for the new year

consider. “During the second year of the pandemic, many industries and companies

Feeling the financial impact, on the other hand, happened to many people

additional savings, as some expenses, such as vacations, do not

could be made. This may be a reason for that in addition to the

Thrift also the satisfaction with the financial situation is ahead “,

confirms Matthias Schulz, Managing Director at JP Morgan Asset Management

the results. That more and more Germans get an overview of their

The expert sees it as very positive. “This is a

first important step to a financial planning and thus more financial

Independence “, emphasizes Schulz.

Pandemic has increased interest in securities investments

Many Germans have used their additional savings to put money in

Investing securities – this is shown by the custody account openings and inflows into funds

in the past two years. According to the latest study, these are financial

New Year’s resolutions, however, continue to be characterized by a certain degree of caution.

So 23 percent of the respondents want to put money in the savings book – that is

3 percentage points more than in the previous year. But 19 percent of them are also planning it

Respondents investing money in the stock market in the New Year, an increase of 4

Percentage points is. The topic of sustainability is also becoming more and more important for investments

more important and so 16 percent of the respondents are interested in sustainable

Investments and want to not only increase their money, but at the same time

do something good (plus 2 percent). Interest in a fund or

Conclude a securities savings plan and thus invest money regularly

on the other hand, it fell slightly – from 18 percent in the previous year to currently 15 percent. “The

may be due to the fact that many fund savings plans have already opened this year

and respondents may be well looked after in this regard

feel “, so the assumption of Matthias Schulz.” In any case, it is the quieter one

Time to end the year is a good opportunity to deal with your own finances

deal and plan the financial future. “Instead of the money

the savings book when interest rates are low and inflation is rising, and more and more often

to expose the custody fees levied to a creeping expropriation

those who are willing to take a little more risk on the power of the

Set the capital market. “There are more and more funds that invest sustainably, with

which you not only have the opportunity to increase your savings, but also

also to support solutions for a more sustainable world “, emphasizes Schulz.

With the support of financial advice and digital information, take the step from

Go saving to invest

One reason why many Germans continue to invest in savings instead of capital market investments

prefer is lack of financial knowledge. Financial advisors

Banks, savings banks and independent financial advisors support you in reducing your fears

and reduce prejudices about the capital markets and investment opportunities

to implement the financial planning. A good reason for the attitude of Germans to

Identify financial advice. Around a quarter of the Germans surveyed use

therefore already a financial advice. The other respondents also show themselves

19 percent were open to advice and said they were planning for 2022

To want support. Of the 24 percent of Germans, the one

Use financial advice, 13 percent currently have no need for advice, 11

However, percent would also like to consult on financial planning for 2022

leave. “With financial knowledge and support from financial advice, you can

negative associations of investing such as complexity, lack of transparency and lack of

Overcome control and save savers from the long-term benefits

of investing “, Matthias Schulz is convinced.

To make it easier for savers to invest in securities and

JP Morgan Asset Management has to support the financial advice in this

Year started a new online information offer. (https: //secureweb.jpmchase








-2FDZiu1hbkhxk-2F8RJVfeY0hzo3-2Bg0HO6GmcFSn0xnvZWnLm) “We want everyone who

have not yet dared to invest in capital markets, easily

Provide understandable information. Who the basics and

Understanding the context of successful, long-term investing also has

less shy of taking the step from saving to investing, “emphasizes

Matthias Schulz.

The insights into the 2022 financial priorities come from one

representative online survey via the Attest platform by JP Morgan

Asset management. 1,000 women and men over the age of 18 were surveyed

Germany from December 1st to 3rd, 2021. The focus was on the three

main financial priorities, which regions and thematic attachments

are interesting, as well as the attitude towards financial advice.

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