More than 78,000 new corona infections in Italy – new high

ROM (dpa-AFX) – Italy is recording a sharp increase in the daily number of corona cases. On Tuesday evening, the Ministry of Health reported more than 78,300 new corona infections within one day and thus far more than twice as many as the day before.

Around 200 people died from the virus during that time. The Mediterranean country registered a new high since the beginning of the pandemic. According to experts, the Omikron variant is also spreading rapidly in Italy.

The statistics also show that more than a million corona tests were done, which was a lot compared to the previous weeks. Over the Christmas holidays and even before that, people stood in long lines in front of the pharmacies to do a corona test. Corona proof is required for many activities outside the home in Italy. For example, anyone who has not been vaccinated, tested negative or recovered (3G) is not allowed to use public transport. The 3G rule also applies to ski lifts and hotels./jon/DP/stw

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