Meta share turns into the red: Jefferies leaves Meta on “Buy”

The investment bank Jefferies has left Meta (previously: Facebook) on “Buy” with a price target of 420 US dollars.

The surprising rise of Oculus to the most frequently downloaded app in the US shows that applications for virtual reality (VR) are more widespread than previously assumed by him, wrote analyst Brent Thill in a study published on Tuesday. The online platform’s investments in this area are likely to dilute earnings per share in the short term, but they are of crucial importance in attracting younger users to the competitive VR game market. His target price for the meta share includes a potential of 20 percent.

The meta share rose temporarily in the NASDAQ-Hanel by 1.06 percent to 349.81 US dollars. Now it’s 0.1 percent down to $ 345.85.


Publication of the original study: 12/27/2021 / 16:05 / ET First distribution of the original study: 12/28/2021 / 00:00 / ET


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