Corona aid: NPO fund will be extended until the end of March 2022

According to the government, the support fund set up by the federal government for the non-profit organizations affected by the corona crisis will be extended until the end of March 2022. From February 2022, applications can be submitted for the fourth quarter of 2021 (retrospectively) – on the website The exact guidelines and all other information about the NPO fund can also be found there.

Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler (Greens) described the NPO fund as a “heart project” in a written statement. “In the sports and music clubs, aid organizations and voluntary organizations, people with sometimes different opinions about a common passion come together. This is more important than ever now and I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Austria’s volunteers and non-profit organizations for their work in difficult Times thank you. ” State Secretary for Art and Culture Andrea Mayer (Greens) spoke of one of the “most important instruments for combating the consequences of a pandemic in the cultural sector”, because large parts of the Austrian cultural scene are organized on a non-profit basis.

Tourism Minister Elisabeth Köstinger (ÖVP) was also pleased when she described the fund as a “successful concept” in a written statement to the APA. With this a “Europe-wide unique support system for voluntary associations has succeeded”. The aim is still to “bring all non-profit associations safely through this crisis and give them security”.

According to government figures, around 23,000 associations and other non-profit organizations have been supported with almost EUR 700 million since the fund was set up in spring 2020. Fixed costs such as rent or operating costs, but also corona-related additional costs or costs incurred for events that could not take place due to the pandemic, up to a maximum of 90 percent of the loss of income compared to 2019.

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