Belgian court lifts closure of theaters

BRUSSELS (dpa-AFX) – Theaters and cultural centers in Belgium are initially allowed to reopen. On Tuesday evening, the Belgian Council of State granted a corresponding urgent application, as reported by the Belga news agency. Several cultural associations had sued the court responsible for administrative questions against tightened corona measures.

The State Council found that there was insufficient evidence that there was an increased risk of infection in the halls. Therefore, the closings are initially not justified.

Initially, the decision only represents a victory for part of the cultural sector against the measures that are perceived as draconian. According to Belga, cinemas must remain closed. It was initially unclear whether the decision would also affect concert halls. Other lawsuits are reportedly pending before the State Council and a Brussels court.

Prime Minister Alexander De Croo ordered theaters, cinemas and concert halls to be closed on December 22nd in view of the new Omicron variant of the corona virus. This had provoked widespread protests in the cultural sector, which was already hard hit by the pandemic./dub/DP/stw

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