Vaude boss von Dewitz: Companies hesitate too often when it comes to sustainability

TETTNANG (dpa-AFX) – According to the managing director of the outdoor outfitter Vaude, Antje von Dewitz, companies often act too hesitantly when it comes to sustainability. “Unfortunately, I often experience that many persist in terms of sustainability,” said the board member of the Federal Association for Sustainable Economy of the “Schw√§bische Zeitung” (Monday). “Companies are waiting for the political framework, politicians are waiting for guidelines from Europe and consumers are waiting for more offers. One looks at the other.”

Companies have the advantage of being able to “act very quickly and very radically”, “while politics is certainly subject to more constraints,” said von Dewitz. “But that also means that companies sometimes have to make unusual and even risky decisions that take a lot of courage.”

According to von Dewitz, Vaude has been working climate-neutral at its main location in Tettnang since 2012. In the coming year, the company wants to achieve this goal worldwide – also through compensation projects.


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