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BERLIN (dpa-AFX) – It’s about more space in the barn, better conditions for animal transport – and the next attempt at more clarity for millions of supermarket customers. The traffic light coalition of the SPD, Greens and FDP wants to introduce animal husbandry labeling for meat and sausages from the new year. A logo like this has been wrestled for a long time. However, it should no longer be intended on a voluntary basis for increased animal welfare, but as a binding system – including secure financing for the farmers. The consumer advice centers are calling for the legal standards to be raised as a prerequisite.

The head of the Federal Association (vzbv), Klaus Müller, told the German Press Agency that the current minimum standard was unsatisfactory in every respect. If customers should also spend more money on products in the future, an actual and controllable increase in quality is important as well as the certainty that the animals are better off. “And that must be clearly recognizable.” It should not happen that the trade demands higher prices, but that more animal welfare and welfare are only faked.

According to the coalition agreement, the mandatory husbandry labeling should also include transport and slaughter. In addition, there should be an indication of origin. The implementation might not be easy, however, two previous attempts have already failed. Most recently, Minister Julia Klöckner (CDU) wanted to put a voluntary animal welfare logo with comprehensive criteria above the legal standard on the shelves – and repeatedly stated that it was only binding throughout the EU. In addition, the large supermarket chains already have their own meat labeling. The logo with the inscription “HALTform” has four levels, which start with the legal minimum standard.


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