Frost & Sullivan: Digital Tech Advances Make a Big Change in Overhauling Solar and Wind Power Plants

SEOUL–(Korea Newswire) December 27, 2021 — Frost & Sullivan recently released the ‘Advancements in Digital Technologies for Solar and Wind Farm Inspection’.

According to the report, state-of-the-art technologies are transforming the way solar and wind power plants are inspected, providing access to the data they need and supporting visualization and optimization of processes, performance and resources. In 2020, the sector could not escape the blow of Corona 19, but it is expected to lead the growth of the solar and wind power plant inspection market as delayed projects resume in 2021. As a result, demand for digital technologies such as augmented reality/virtual reality (AV/VR), big data, drones, robots, and digital twins is expected to gain momentum worldwide. Meanwhile, the additional capacity of solar and wind power generation is expected to reach 10.80GW and 6.90GW, respectively, by the end of this year.

Weihao Hung, a researcher at Frost & Sullivan’s Tech Vision Team, said, “As the recent lockdown or social distancing measures have been implemented due to COVID-19, it is difficult to dispatch experts to inspect power plants. As a result, more and more cases are using digital technology to inspect solar and wind power plants. This digital inspection method can reduce inspection costs as it allows advanced photos and accurate measurements compared to the existing manpower-based inspection method,” he said.

For the next three years, advanced video cameras and sensors implemented with computer vision deep learning, which are characterized by being able to track objects, self-discovery, and inspection in real time without human intervention, will receive a lot of attention. In addition, companies that want to develop related software and hardware to provide new functions that solve problems related to solar and wind power plant maintenance will improve business value and gain a competitive advantage.

In order to seize the growth opportunities presented by the use of digital technology in the inspection of solar and wind power plants, related companies should focus on the following areas.

Development of new products that increase product and technology portfolio accessibility
R&D partnership to strengthen competitiveness: R&D partnership between companies is essential for rapid product development, improvement of competitiveness, and acceleration of market expansion
·Innovative technology for intelligent inspection: It is necessary to develop a mobility solution that can be implemented anytime, anywhere. This is expected to improve travel expenses and operational performance.

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