Corona-News: Thousands of Corona demonstrators in German cities – USA shortens quarantine after infection to five days

France’s Prime Minister Jean Castex has announced further measures in the face of record high new infections. Among other things, booster vaccinations can also be given three months after the second vaccination from Tuesday, he says. Where possible one will Mandatory home office time of at least three days a week introduced. In city centers a Mask requirement apply in public. A curfew, however, is not planned. The reopening of the schools in January will not be postponed either.

The new measures also include a Ban on eating and drinking in cinemas and on long-haul trips. In restaurants and bars, guests have to sit down to eat. For three weeks there is a limit of 5000 participants for outdoor events and 2000 for indoor events, says Prime Minister Jean Castex. “I know it looks like a film that doesn’t want to end,” he says after a cabinet meeting. Thanks to the vaccination measures that began a year ago, however, the French were now among the best vaccinated and protected people in the world.

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