After Brexit: Tens of thousands of EU citizens are still waiting for a right of residence

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The English Prime Ministers reside in Downing Street in London.

LONDON (dpa-AFX) – Around a year after the final Brexit, tens of thousands of EU citizens living in Great Britain are still waiting for their right of residence in the country. “It is not without organizing and living your life further when you are stuck in the backlog,” says Luke Piper of the civil rights organization The3Million in an interview with the German press agency. According to an analysis by the organization, there is a backlog of several hundred thousand applications for the so-called settlement program that have not yet been processed. The program guarantees EU citizens who lived in the country before December 31, 2020, the right to housing, work and health care. In total, more than 6.3 million people have applied for the status.

If processing continues at the current pace, it will take until 2023 for the backlog to be cleared, fears The3Million. The UK Home Office said on request that there was no deadline by which the applications should be processed. The outstanding applications are about those that are more complicated to process – for example because of previous convictions.

According to The3Million, the process has continued to slow down over the past few months. The organization calls for an increase in the capacities in the Ministry of the Interior so that the applications can be processed more quickly and those affected can rely on advice and assistance while they are waiting for their right of residence.


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