Tesla killer? This is what an auto expert says about Lucid Air

Tesla is getting more and more competition. Among other things, Lucid Motors wants to take market share from the electric car pioneer. Lucid’s first e-sedan, the Lucid Air, is not yet on the market in Europe, but the first vehicles have already been delivered in the USA. A US car expert has tested what the Lucid Air is good for in the Dream Edition.

• Lucid Air Dream Edition on the US market
• Longer range and higher price than Tesla’s Model S plaid
• Car expert Doug DeMuro put Lucid’s electric sedan through its paces

“The Model S Plaid offers the greatest range and the fastest acceleration of all electric vehicles in production that have been built to date,” says the website of the electric car manufacturer Tesla. However, Elon Musk’s group will soon have to correct this statement, because the first electric cars from competitor Lucid have now been delivered in the USA. At around 800 kilometers, the luxurious Lucid Air Dream Edition e-sedan offers a greater range than the best Tesla, which, according to the company, can only travel around 640 kilometers on one charge. At 1,080 hp, the newcomer’s performance is also slightly higher than that of Tesla’s Model S Plaid. For this, however, Lucid also charges a very proud and high price of around 170,000 US dollars. The US auto expert Doug DeMuro has examined what the Lucid Air Dream Edition can do and whether it is worth the money in a detailed test, which is available on his YouTube channel. How the Tesla competitor’s first e-car performed should come as a surprise to some.

Expert enthusiastic about the interior and exterior of the Lucid Air Dream Edition

Lucid was the first vehicle to enter the race with the Lucid Air in the Dream Edition, its most expensive and high-quality e-car – cheaper models are to follow later. According to the company, the e-sedan offers high-quality equipment, very good driving data and a long range. Doug DeMuro examined whether this is actually true in a detailed video review of the e-vehicle with all-wheel drive – and was impressed by the appearance and equipment of the Lucid EV.

Among other things, DeMuro was enthusiastic about the windshield, which merges seamlessly into a glass roof and conveys a feeling of openness. In his estimation, the glass roof on the Lucid Air is even larger than on the corresponding Tesla models – but he does not want to know what costs would be incurred in the event of a necessary repair or replacement. The expert also liked the massive one-piece taillight and the thin indicators at the rear, as well as the vertical indicators at the front.

In the interior, DeMuro particularly praised the simple but luxurious two-tone interior as well as the various screens in the driver’s cab and their interaction options. Overall, the vehicle has a large, visually three-part 34-inch display above the dashboard and another screen in the center console. While the driver-oriented display in the left and middle part presents the usual and necessary controls and displays – such as speed, battery charge and digital switches for headlights or windshield heating – the right part of the display can take on various functions, for example for navigation or that Playing music. With the Lucid Air, it is possible to use your finger to slide displays from the right part of the driver’s display to the screen in the center console and back again, so that the front passenger can simply enter a new destination or change the radio station, for example.

Overall, according to DeMuro, the interior of the Lucid Air is larger than that of a Mercedes S-Class, while the entire vehicle is only as long as a 5-series BMW. Nevertheless, the Lucid Air Dream Edition offers a lot of storage space with its two trunk compartments at the front and rear. The front trunk is even one of the largest in electric cars, according to the expert.

Acceleration of the Lucid Air leaves the expert speechless

But Doug DeMuro not only received praise for its looks and equipment, the car tester also liked the driving experience. The Lucid Air offers a solid driving experience and precise steering. The handling corresponds to that of a smaller car, while the electric sedan offers the comfort of a larger one. The expert was also particularly surprised that there were hardly any driving noises to be heard. Above all, the absence of clear tire noises – which, according to DeMuro, are not drowned out by the motor in electric cars and can therefore normally be heard more strongly – ensured positive comments.

However, the expert was particularly impressed by the acceleration of the Lucid Air Dream Edition. Although he of course knew that the e-car had 1,080 hp, he did not expect such a feeling. “Holy shit, […] that’s pretty hard, “said DeMuro. Although he recently drove many electric cars – including the Tesla Model S Plaid – that would try something similar, the acceleration in the Lucid Air was surprising for him, commented Expert. The subsequent acceleration from standstill in launch control mode, which, according to Lucid, should have the experience of a rocket launch, ensured that the tester was briefly breathless. “Oh my god, that’s crazy […] that’s a whole other level of insane, “commented DeMuro.

This is how the Lucid Air Dream Range fares in comparison

Doug DeMuro’s conclusion after his extensive test is that the Lucid Air Dream Range is worth the high price due to its luxury, performance and range. He awards the e-car 73 out of a possible 100 points, which makes it one of the best cars he has ever tested. In fact, no other car – regardless of whether it is an electric car, petrol or diesel – has ever received more points from DeMuro. However, the Lucid Air is on par with the Tesla Model S plaid, which the expert also rated 73 points. The Porsche Taycan Tubo S is in third place with 72 points.

However, the recommendation that the expert gives for a purchase should be surprising. Because among its top 3, the Lucid Air is the most luxurious car, which is why he would recommend it to all potential buyers who value luxury and comfort. On the other hand, those who place more value on performance and driving pleasure would be better off with the Porsche Taycan Turbo S. Tesla’s Model S plaid, on the other hand, is somewhere in the middle between the two and is therefore – also due to its price-performance ratio – the best choice for people who do not know exactly what they want.

It therefore seems as if Lucid could actually become a very serious competitor for Tesla – especially if the company brings even more and, above all, more affordable models onto the market in the future. editors

Image source: TIMOTHY A. CLARY / AFP via Getty Images, Lucid

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