Spain, Portugal and the USA have been corona high-risk areas since Saturday

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The Spanish flag.

BERLIN (dpa-AFX) – The popular holiday countries Spain and Portugal as well as the USA have been considered high-risk areas since Saturday due to the high number of corona infections. The regulation came into effect at midnight. Finland, Cyprus and Monaco have also been added to the list of high risk areas. On the other hand, Austria, Belize, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia and Malaysia were deleted from the list.

Anyone who enters from a high-risk area and is not fully vaccinated or recovered has to be in quarantine for ten days and can only get rid of it with a negative test five days after arrival at the earliest.

The classification as a high-risk area is automatically accompanied by a travel warning from the Federal Foreign Office for unnecessary tourist trips. It makes it easier for tourists to cancel trips that have already been booked free of charge, but it does not mean a travel ban.

Countries and regions with a particularly high risk of infection are classified as high-risk areas. But not only the infection numbers are decisive for this. Other criteria are the speed at which the virus is spreading, the burden on the health system or a lack of data on the corona situation./seb/DP/he


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