Russia: Putin leaves reaction open if his demand fails

President of Russia Vladimir Putin

According to information from Ukraine, Putin installed almost 100,000 soldiers on the border with Ukraine.

(Photo: AP)

Moscow Russian President Vladimir Putin leaves open how he will react to his proposals for binding security guarantees if the West rejects it. The answer depends “on the proposals that our military experts will make to me,” Putin said on state television on Sunday. You could be different.

Russia will endeavor to achieve a legally binding result in these negotiations.

Russia had handed over a draft agreement to NATO, the US and its allies more than a week ago. In it, Moscow calls for an end to NATO’s eastward expansion, which it sees itself threatened by. In addition, Russia wants to ensure that NATO does not accept Ukraine as a member.

The Western military alliance has always rejected this demand.

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According to Russian information, the talks will initially begin with representatives of the USA in January. Putin had only stressed on Thursday that Moscow expected quick results. The main concern in the West is that Russia has concentrated tens of thousands of soldiers in areas not far from Ukraine.

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