Northern Ireland expert Hayward: London and Brussels need a solution

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BELFAST (dpa-AFX) – The conflict researcher Katy Hayward sees no advantages for Great Britain or the EU if the dispute over Brexit special rules for Northern Ireland should escalate. “We always have to remember that both sides need an agreement,” said the researcher from Queen’s University Belfast of the German Press Agency. “With all the talk of a trade war and all the aggressive language, the reality is that both sides have to somehow come to an agreement.” Great Britain is trying to move the borders in the interests of its own interests. However, the EU must also take into account the particular situation in Northern Ireland.

Brussels and London have been negotiating bitterly about the Brexit special rules for Northern Ireland for a long time. As agreed in the Withdrawal Agreement, unlike England, Scotland and Wales, the province is still subject to the rules of the European internal market and the customs union. This avoids a hard border with the EU member Republic of Ireland, which would lead to new tensions in the former civil war area. However, it has created a goods border between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK. There are restrictions and problems in UK trade. Many exemptions currently apply, but they are expiring.

Recently, both sides had come closer to each other. Then the previous Brexit minister, David Frost, surprisingly resigned. British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, who has now taken on Frost’s duties, said Britain’s position has not changed and the triggering of Article 16 – the emergency mechanism set out in the Brexit agreement – is still up for debate. According to the British, the prerequisites for this are in place. However, this has been a threatening backdrop in the room for months.


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