Live blog: ++ Teachers’ associations worried about Omikron ++

Because of the spreading Omikron variant, teacher associations warn against sticking to face-to-face teaching at all costs. In Koblenz, the police used pepper spray at a corona demo. All developments in the live blog.

3:40 a.m.

Police use pepper spray at a demonstration in Koblenz

During a so-called “Corona walk” on Saturday evening in Koblenz, a participant attacked police forces. As a spokesman said early in the morning, there was a “little nudge” during an identity check. In a message, the police wrote that around 15 other people showed their solidarity with the attacker. After threatening and then using pepper spray against the group, the situation was calmed down, it said. According to the police, around 600 people attended the unannounced meeting in downtown Koblenz.

02:43 am

Teachers’ associations: Do not exclude distance learning

Because of the spreading omicron variant of the coronavirus, teacher associations are warning against sticking to face-to-face teaching at all costs. “The Omikron variant worsens the pandemic situation massively – also in schools,” said the chairman of the Association for Education and Upbringing (VBE), Udo Beckmann, the editorial network Germany. “In any case, the motto of politics can no longer be that there must be face-to-face teaching at all costs,” he added.

The chairman of the German Teachers’ Association, Heinz-Peter Meidinger, told the RND: “If there is another lockdown in the coming year, the schools cannot be exempted from it.” In view of the large number of unvaccinated students, the Omikron variant has a comparatively easy game, especially in schools.

03:22 am

Federal government postpones vaccination target

Actually, 80 percent of people in Germany should have been vaccinated against the coronavirus at least once by January 7th. But the vaccination rate has stalled. The federal government is therefore postponing its target to the end of January.

02:17 am

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For the first time, France reports more than 100,000 new infections within one day. Due to numerous corona sick reports in the ranks of the flight crew, 5,600 flights worldwide were canceled over the holidays. All developments in the live blog for reading.

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