dpa-AFX overview: COMPANIES – Important messages from the Christmas weekend

STUTTGART – The car manufacturer Daimler significantly reduces its stake in the electric car joint venture Denza. The cooperation partner, the Chinese BYD Auto Industry, will hold 90 percent of the company in the future, Daimler announced on Friday. The Stuttgart-based company is satisfied with the remaining ten percent. Denza was founded as a 50-50 joint venture in March 2012. The transaction is expected to be completed in mid-March 2022./he

Airbus plans to start test flights with a new air taxi model in 2023

MANCHING – Airbus wants to start the first test flights of its new air taxi model in 2023. The approval for the CityAirbus NextGen is expected for 2025, as a company spokesman announced. The prototype was presented a few weeks ago. CityAirbus NextGen is the successor to the CityAirbus demonstrator, which was also tested in the air in the Upper Bavarian town of Manching near Ingolstadt in the summer.

ROUNDUP: Russian court imposes heavy fines on internet giants

LONDON – The owners of the Berlin KaDeWe and several other retail chains have taken over the British luxury department store chain Selfridges. The companies Central from Thailand and Signa from Switzerland announced this in a joint message on Thursday. Both parties are said to hold 50 percent of the shares in the Selfridges Group. The takeover of the stationary stores and the online business also includes several properties – in addition to the famous flagship department store on Oxford Street in London, a building in Manchester and others in Ireland.

Research minister warns of vaccine patents being released

BERLIN – Federal Research Minister Bettina Stark-Watzinger has spoken out against the release of patents for corona vaccines. “This would jeopardize vaccine development,” said the FDP politician to the newspapers of the Funke media group. “Companies do a long research and invest a lot before they get approval. A release of the patents would destroy that.” Another question was whether the production capacities could not be increased further.

Federal Ministry of Labor: eleven euros minimum wage from January in the meat industry

BERLIN – The Federal Ministry of Labor (BMAS) has declared the nationwide collective agreement for minimum conditions in the meat industry that was agreed in the summer to be generally binding. This means that a minimum wage of 11.00 euros will apply in the industry from January 1, 2022, as the ministry confirmed to the German Press Agency on Friday. A corresponding ordinance will be published in the Federal Gazette on December 30, 2021.

Retail fears another blow to city centers from Omikron

BERLIN – The German Trade Association (HDE) fears that the spread of the particularly contagious Corona variant Omikron will deal another blow to retailers in German city centers. “If the incidence figures soar, fewer people will probably come to the city centers again,” said the managing director of the German Trade Association (HDE) Stefan Genth of the German press agency. Many vaccinated and convalescent people who could actually go shopping would then probably think twice about the way to the pedestrian zones.

ROUNDUP 2: Travel to the festival quiet – flight cancellations due to sick pilots

BERLIN / WASHINGTON – Christmas travel in Germany ran without major disruptions this year. The situation on Deutsche Bahn trains and at the airports remained relatively calm over the holidays. However, several airlines around the world had to cancel flights because too many pilots reported sick. The USA in particular was affected.

Lemke wants significantly fewer pesticides in agriculture

BERLIN – Federal Environment Minister Steffi Lemke calls for a sharp reduction in the use of pesticides in agriculture. “I am not assuming that we will be able to do without pesticides completely within four years. But we need a significant reduction if we want to stop insect death,” said the Green politician in the newspapers of the Funke media group (Sunday). “We can reduce the use of pesticides through financial incentives, but also through regulatory law,” she added.

Additional Reports

-More cases of flu than last year – but fewer than before the pandemic

-Özdemir wants a healthier diet and higher food prices

-Patientenschützer: Christmas visit to those in need of care made more difficult

-Pubs open longer in honor of the Queen? – The throne anniversary is approaching

-Christmas in the Holy Land – due to Corona, tourists are missing

-Russia: West uses Nord Stream 2 as leverage

-Fast food trend: Celebrities cooperate with fast food restaurants in the USA

– Survey: Paying by smartphone is still the exception

– Farmers worried about fertilizer prices – Özdemir wants more appreciation

-Bundesamt on endangering critical infrastructures: There are reserves

-Roche receives US approval for new corona self-test

-The pubs are slowly dying – British pubs are struggling to survive

-Özdemir: Many farmers want to grow hemp after cannabis legalization

-Press: Pint-sized champagne bottle is set to celebrate a comeback after Brexit

-Wüst wants to make licensing authorities fit for coal phase-out by 2030

-Teachers’ associations: do not exclude distance learning

-Media: Biden wants to lift entry restrictions because of Omikron

-Processing Krupp biography: Historian should sift through sources

-ROUNDUP: IG Metall demands targeted support for shipyards from the government

-Christmas 2021 was watched more normally again

– Precious metal industry can look back on a good year

Bird flu in a Czech poultry farm

-Corona on board – cruise ship is not allowed to call at Caribbean ports

-Bulgaria promises bonuses for seniors after corona vaccination

– Avian flu outbreak in Israel – Cranes also affected

-IG Metall: Many companies in the east are introducing the 35-hour week

– New Year’s Eve in New York’s Times Square with fewer spectators

-Bavaria’s health minister criticizes the government’s cannabis plans

US agency reduces isolation time for health workers

-Spain, Portugal and USA since Saturday Corona high-risk areas

-HSH contaminated sites before liquidation – total costs ten billion euros °

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