Corona-News: Federal government reaches target of 30 million vaccinations – US airlines cancel hundreds of flights

No breather, not even on Christmas Eve: On December 24th, numerous people in Germany picked up the protective spades against the corona virus. According to Robert Koch Institute (RKI) around 67,000 vaccinations were given on Friday, of which 51,000 were so-called booster vaccinations to refresh the vaccination protection (As of Saturday, 10:31 a.m.). The previous vaccination record was achieved on December 15 with a total of 1.6 million doses.

At least 58.9 million people have been vaccinated twice or have received a single vaccination from Johnson & Johnson. That is 70.8 percent of the total population. At least 29.9 million people have also received a “booster”.

21.7 million people in Germany are currently not vaccinated, which corresponds to 26.2 percent of the population. No approved vaccine is currently available for four million of these people between the ages of zero and four years (4.8 percent).

On the RKI dashboard, it is pointed out that the vaccination rates are to be understood as minimum vaccination rates, “since 100% coverage cannot be achieved by the reporting system”. The Robert Koch Institute assumes that the actual vaccination rate is up to five percentage points higher.

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