Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin & Co. today

The courses of the most important cryptocurrencies move on Boxing Day.

Bitcoin price fell to $ 49,962.20 today. The Bitcoin price slipped below the previous day’s level of 50,622.18 US dollars.

The Bitcoin Cash price has fallen. The Bitcoin Cash price fell to $ 451.61 after trading at $ 457.00 the previous day. Ethereum is in the red at $ 4,044.91. The previous evening, the digital currency was still at $ 4,101.93.

The Litecoin price dropped to $ 154.95 today. In contrast, the exchange rate stood at 158.41 US dollars on the previous day.

The Ripple is worth $ 0.9187 on Sunday. The Ripple price fell compared to the previous day when it was still at 0.9283 US dollars.

Cardano’s price fell to $ 1.451 after trading at $ 1.456 the previous day.

The Monero rate has decreased. At noon, the Monero fell to $ 209.82 after trading at $ 211.82 the day before.

The IOTA rate rises to $ 1,350. The day before, there was still $ 1.317 on the price board.

The Verge price traded at $ 0.0194 on Sunday. The day before, the Verge was worth $ 0.0185. With this the Verge continues its sideways movement.

The Stellar price continued to move sideways at $ 0.2902 on Sunday. At $ 0.2903, the price had already been traded the day before.

The NEM course stagnates on Sunday. The NEM price was quoted at $ 0.1400 after trading at $ 0.1372 the previous day.

The Dash course has fallen. The Dash price fell to $ 149.66 after trading at $ 150.90 the previous day.

The NEO rate rose to $ 29.16 today, compared to the previous day at $ 29.58. editors

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