Bird flu outbreak in Israel – cranes also affected

TEL AVIV (dpa-AFX) – Avian flu is also currently spreading in Israel. A spokeswoman for the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture confirmed on Sunday that there was an outbreak in battery cages near the town of Margaliot in the north of the country on the border with Lebanon. 320,000 more laying hens would therefore have to be killed, in addition to 244,000 hens that had been killed a week ago. Mass deaths had also previously been observed in other laying batteries in Israel. “The Ministry of Agriculture is concerned that people could become infected by infected cages near homes,” it said in a statement.

It is now expected that there will be a shortage of eggs on the Israeli market – around 14 million eggs are missing every month due to bird flu.

According to media reports, about 20 percent of the cranes who come to Israel as migratory birds from southern Europe to stop there on their way to Africa are also affected by the disease./le/DP/he

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