Bavaria’s health minister criticizes the government’s cannabis plans

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MUNICH (dpa-AFX) – Bavaria’s Minister of Health Klaus Holetschek has asked the new federal government to reconsider its plans to legalize cannabis. Unfortunately, the Berlin traffic light ignored the warnings of experts and has so far wanted to push ahead with its cannabis legalization plans, Holetschek told the German press agency. “But it must be prevented that the inhibition threshold sinks and even more people than before use cannabis. This is exactly the risk with the now planned in the coalition agreement for” pleasure purposes “!”

The consumption of cannabis should not be played down, warned Holetschek. In addition to the risk of addiction and mental illness, the risks also included negative effects on memory and on learning and thinking skills.

According to Holetschek, Bavaria relies on scientifically sound information about the risks, strong youth and health protection, and targeted offers of help for those affected. Incidentally, cannabis can already be used for medical purposes today. “That is not what the traffic light is about, but only about private consumption for pleasure purposes, with all the risks mentioned!”

The Ampel-Coalition is planning a “controlled distribution of cannabis to adults for consumption purposes in licensed shops”. This would “control the quality, prevent the transfer of contaminated substances and ensure the protection of minors,” says the coalition agreement./fuw/DP/he


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