Almost 147 million vaccine doses administered against COVID-19

BERLIN (dpa-AFX) – One year after the start of the vaccination campaign against the coronavirus, a total of almost 147 million doses have been administered in Germany. This came out on Sunday from the vaccination dashboard of the Federal Ministry of Health and the Robert Koch Institute (RKI).

Thousands of people picked up the protective spades over the Christmas holidays. Around 67,000 syringes were used on Friday, including 51,000 so-called booster vaccinations to refresh the vaccination protection. On Christmas Day, 35,000 vaccinations were given, including 30,000 boosters. The government’s target of 30 million vaccinations by the end of the year, based on November 18, was about to be achieved.

The official start of the vaccination campaign was December 27, 2020, but in some federal states it was started earlier. Halberstadt, among others, made headlines nationwide with an early vaccination start on Boxing Day. There, on December 26, 2020, the nursing home resident Edith Kwoizalla was the first to be vaccinated. The now 102-year-old told “Bild am Sonntag”: “I never had to regret the decision, I took everything well.” According to the report, however, it has not yet been boosted: “When it was actually ready for me, I wasn’t doing so well, so I postponed it.”

The vaccination campaign got off to a slow start. The reason was a shortage of vaccines. In the course of the spring more vaccine was available and the rate of vaccination increased noticeably. At the end of the summer and in the autumn the interest decreased noticeably. Many people had already been vaccinated twice by then, and some still refused a vaccination. With the pile-up of the fourth corona wave, the stricter rules associated with it and the recommended booster vaccinations, the campaign picked up again at the end of the year.

Every second person was dissatisfied with the organization of the campaign. In a survey by the YouGov opinion research institute on behalf of the German Press Agency, 19 percent of those questioned were “very dissatisfied” and another 31 percent were “somewhat dissatisfied” with how the vaccination went in the past twelve months. In contrast, only 36 percent are “somewhat satisfied” and 7 percent are “very satisfied”. Another 7 percent did not provide any information.

At least 58.9 million people in Germany have so far been vaccinated twice or have received a single vaccination from Johnson & Johnson, according to the information on Sunday. That is 70.8 percent of the total population. At least 29.9 million people have also received a “booster”.

According to the vaccination dashboard, 21.7 million people in Germany are currently still unvaccinated (26.2 percent of the population). Of these, 4 million are aged 0 to 4 years (4.8 percent of the population), for whom vaccines are not yet available.

On the RKI dashboard it is pointed out that the vaccination rates are to be understood as minimum vaccination rates, “since 100% coverage cannot be achieved by the reporting system”. The Robert Koch Institute assumes that the actual vaccination rate is up to five percentage points higher.

Germany has received a total of 159.9 million doses of vaccine so far (as of December 19). Of these, 116.3 million doses were from BioNTech) / Pfizer’s vaccine, 23.9 million from Moderna, 14.4 million from AstraZeneca’s vaccine and 5.2 million from Johnson & Johnson.


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