ROUNDUP: Broadcasting of the German-language RT program restricted

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BERLIN (dpa-AFX) – The Russian state medium RT has suffered another setback when broadcasting its new German-language TV program. The media authority Berlin-Brandenburg announced on Wednesday at the request of the German press agency that the satellite operator Eutelsat had stopped the satellite broadcasting on the same day.

According to the media authority, the European commissioner of the state media authorities, Tobias Schmid, the media regulators in Berlin and European supervisory authorities had agreed in advance – and Schmid had informed Eutelsat of the facts. Russia threatened countermeasures.

The background to the decision is that German regulators have not issued a broadcasting license for the broadcast. RT relies on a Serbian broadcast license. An earlier attempt by the broadcaster to get a license via Luxembourg had failed.

RT – formerly Russia Today – wants to expand its offer in Germany and has been working on a German-language TV program for a long time. RT DE has a location in Berlin.

TV providers require a broadcasting license for nationwide programs in Germany. The route of distribution does not matter. The media regulators are of the opinion that RT DE Productions GmbH, based in Berlin, is responsible for the program under media law. One of the admission requirements is that the constitutional principle of broadcasting remote from the state must not be violated, i.e. a state or party must not have any influence on the program content. / Rin / cht / rbo / DP / nas


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