RKI boss: Corona situation is incompletely mapped over holidays

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BERLIN (dpa-AFX) – According to the President of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the corona situation in Germany is incompletely mapped in reporting data over the holidays and the turn of the year. Lothar Wieler said on Wednesday in Berlin that this can be explained by vacations, closed medical practices, fewer tests at work, in schools and daycare centers and, accordingly, less evidence of pathogens. Nevertheless, it is clear what needs to be done: In addition to vaccination, reducing contacts is crucial. Wieler appealed to people to spend Christmas in small groups. “Christmas is not supposed to be the spark that ignites the Omicron fire.” Rather, you have to use the time to take the dynamics out of the infection process.

“The number of cases has been declining in the past few weeks, but unfortunately that is not yet a sign of relaxation,” said Wieler. An incidence of almost 300 nationwide is still too high, and many clinics are at their limit. With the Omikron variant, a wave of infections with unseen dynamics can be expected, affirmed Wieler. In Germany, around 540 Omikron cases and around 1850 suspected cases have so far been transmitted to the RKI. Most of these dates are one to two weeks old.

“The trend is crystal clear: with a doubling time of around three days, the new variant could already account for the majority of all cases of infection in our country in the next one, two or three weeks at the latest.” Wieler warned of an overload of the health system and impairment of critical supply structures if the Omikron wave could not be slowed down with strict measures. / Ggr / jr / mfi / bw / DP / nas


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