Novatek supplies Uniper with 1.2 million tons of low-carbon ammonia per year

FRANKFURT (Dow Jones) – In the long term, Novatek will supply Uniper with up to 1.2 million tons of low-carbon ammonia per year. A corresponding key issues paper had been signed with the Russian energy company, announced Uniper SE. It is intended to supply Uniper’s customers in Germany and north-western Europe.

Novatek is currently developing a plant on the Yamal Peninsula in northwest Siberia for the production of low-CO2 ammonia, which will use the large reserves of natural gas. The carbon dioxide that is produced when natural gas is converted into hydrogen to ammonia is to be captured and stored during production by a highly efficient underground storage infrastructure.

At the same time, Uniper is planning an ammonia import terminal in Wilhelmshaven, which is to be equipped with a storage facility and a cracker powered by green electricity. The imported low-CO2 ammonia could be converted into gaseous hydrogen and fed into the future German pipeline system for hydrogen. Alternatively, ammonia can also be delivered directly to customers as a raw material or fuel.

The CO2 footprint of the ammonia supplied should remain well below the threshold value of the EU taxonomy.

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December 22, 2021 06:10 ET (11:10 GMT)

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