German bonds: Yield rises to one-month high

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Flag of the Federal Republic of Germany.

FRANKFURT (dpa-AFX) – German government bonds came under further pressure on Wednesday. A mixture of friendly stock markets and rising inflation expectations was cited as the reason on the market. The trend-setting futures contract, the Euro Bund Future, fell at noon by 0.17 percent to 173.04 points. In return, the yield on ten-year Bunds rose to minus 0.28 percent. That is the highest level in almost a month.

Market participants referred to the good mood on the stock exchanges as the reason for the lower demand for safe investments. In addition, there were higher inflation expectations, which have recently been fueled primarily by rising natural gas prices. “Just in time for the beginning of winter, Russia stopped its gas delivery to Germany via the Yamal pipeline,” said Dekabank analysts. Most recently, the pumping direction was even reversed from Germany to Poland.

The development pushed the European natural gas prices up sharply on Tuesday. Higher raw material prices are often quickly reflected in market participants’ higher inflation expectations, which usually results in higher capital market interest rates. Inflation is already unusually high. The main reasons are corona-related bottlenecks in world trade, which are unlikely to go away anytime soon, and significantly increased prices for various raw materials.


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