FDP advocates Steinmeier’s second term in office

Status: 22.12.2021 8:03 p.m.

At first it seemed to be a possible point of contention for the coalition negotiations – but now the FDP has clearly positioned itself: The Liberals are for a second term in office for Federal President Steinmeier.

The FDP has spoken out in favor of a second term in office for Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. The party chairman Christian Lindner announced that the FDP parliamentary groups in the federal and state levels had pleaded to support Steinmeier in his candidacy for a second term.

“Mr. Steinmeier is an outstanding personality and, in times of social polarization, has made a contribution to the cohesion in our country. We see with sympathy and great respect that he is ready for the office a second time,” explained Lindner.

Group leader Dürr for continuity

The chairman of the FDP parliamentary group, Christian Dürr, said that especially in times of crisis, a federal president should have a reconciling effect and integrate. “During the corona pandemic, Frank-Walter Steinmeier sought dialogue with the citizens. He ensured continuity, and I am sure that he will reliably guide the country through this crisis in his second term in office.”

Steinmeier had already announced in May that he would run again as head of state. The announcement by the long-time SPD politician met with great approval from the SPD. The SPD chairmen Saskia Esken and Norbert Walter-Borjans declared at the time that they were delighted with the move. Steinmeier has proven in four years as Federal President that he fulfills the highest office in the state with great moral authority. “A second term would be a great opportunity.”

Green still undecided

The election in the Federal Assembly will take place on February 13th, the traffic light parties SPD, Greens and FDP have a majority there. Lindner had already signaled in November that the FDP would support Steinmeier. His deputy Wolfgang Kubicki even advocated a second term for Steinmeier in 2019. Reason: “He is doing his job excellently.”

How the Greens position themselves, whether they support Steinmeier or put up their own candidate, is still unclear.

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