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Status: 22.12.2021 6:43 p.m.

It is right that the EU wants to enforce the minimum tax – but the proposal has so far been little more than good intent: Because it could fail in a few countries and because 15 percent is not enough.

A comment by Holger Beckmann, ARD-Studio Brussels

15 percent minimum tax for large global companies in Europe: So that they do something for the general public with all their huge profits, instead of evading tax burdens as creatively as possible at every opportunity. That sounds promising at first.

Holger Beckmann
ARD studio Brussels

And there is no question about it: the mere intention to finally get serious about it is good and right and actually overdue. But not much more than that. Because it is still completely unclear on the one hand whether the proposal presented by the EU Commission will not fail in the last few meters due to resistance from a few European member states and on the other hand, 15 percent is all well and good, but far from sufficient .

Already a reality in most countries

Because this 15 percent has long been a reality in the vast majority of EU countries. Corporate taxes in Germany are even twice as high on average, in France they scratch the 30 percent mark, in Austria or Belgium it is 25 percent, for Scandinavians a little less and even the supposed tax haven of Luxembourg is not below the 15.

One can then ask what that is actually about? Yes, one would like to put pressure on the states that really demand even less so that they remain attractive for companies and large corporations: Ireland, Cyprus, Hungary or Bulgaria. Brussels wants to avoid that the plan fails because of the resistance of these countries in Europe.

Ask appropriately to checkout

You involuntarily feel reminded of Corona: A few do not want to accept common rules at all – and the majority seem to somehow accept it. That must not be the case, not even with the planned minimum tax for companies. The population deserves to be appropriately asked to pay who makes millions in sales and millions in profits – especially in times when many citizens fear for the continued existence of their health systems, for the education of their children, for the global climate.

It takes an unimaginable amount of investments to make all of this sustainable. And for that it needs the money from all those who can shoulder a lot, especially. After all, what the EU Commission has presented is a start. For it to be more than just cosmetics, a lot more has to come.

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Comment: Not enough! EU minimum tax plans for businesses

Holger Beckmann, WDR, December 22nd, 2021 6:37 pm

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