Survey: Increased Administration Workload Due to Pandemic

BERLIN (dpa-AFX) – According to a survey, the workload in German administrations has increased noticeably in some cases during the corona pandemic. In 2020, 42 percent of the employees surveyed stated that the stress at work had been higher since Corona, this year 45 percent agreed. The study by the agency Next: Public on behalf of the Beamtenbund dbb and the Hertie School of Governance was available to the German Press Agency in Berlin.

In 2021, 21 percent of the employees surveyed were still entrusted with other tasks than their actual job because of the pandemic. In 2020 it was every third person. 13 percent of those surveyed stated that they had taken part in IT security training when they switched to home office. 9 percent received training on data protection.

At the same time, more and more administrative employees are working from home – namely 60 percent after 55 percent in 2020. 62 percent have to use their private technology. / Bw / DP / zb

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