Israelis killed in attack in the West Bank

Status: 17.12.2021 4:07 a.m.

At least one man shot students in a car in the West Bank. One died and two others were injured. Prime Minister Bennett and his Secretary of Defense announced that they would hold those responsible to account.

An attack on Jewish students in the West Bank killed an Israeli. Two other people were slightly injured, the authorities said. At least one Palestinian extremist opened fire on a car in which the students were sitting near a settlement outpost.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Defense Secretary Benny Gantz offered their condolences to relatives and announced that the perpetrator or perpetrators would be caught. “The security forces will get their hands on the terrorists very soon, and we will see that justice is done,” said Bennett.

It is still unclear how many perpetrators there were

Military spokesman Amnon Schefler said occupants of the car came under fire after leaving a Jewish seminary at the outpost. About ten bullets were fired at the vehicle. Soldiers and special forces searched the area for the shooter. It was not yet known whether there was more than one perpetrator and whether the attacker acted alone, as Schefler explained.

The Israeli ambulance service confirmed the death of a man in his 20s. The militant Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, praised the attack. Your spokesman Hasem Kassem described the act as a “heroic operation against the soldiers of the occupation army and their murderous settlers”. However, Hamas did not want to confess to the attack, and Kassem stated that the attacker acted alone.

The attack occurred in the settlement area

The Israeli Armed Forces said the attack took place near the former Israeli settlement of Homesch in the north of the autonomous region. Homesch was one of four West Bank settlements that were evacuated as part of the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza in 2005.

In recent years, settlers have set up an unauthorized outpost there. He is one of many in the West Bank that Israel regards as illegal but is often tolerated by the government. According to the Israeli media, Jewish settlers from nearby settlements are still visiting the hill to pray for example.

Fatal attack in the north of the West Bank

Benjamin Hammer, ARD Tel Aviv, 16.12.2021 · 23:24

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