USA wants to restrict imports from Xinjiang because of forced labor

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WASHINGTON (dpa-AFX) – The United States wants to restrict the import of products from the Xinjiang autonomous region in China that, according to the US, were manufactured with the help of forced labor. According to the US House of Representatives, the Senate also passed a bill on Thursday (local time) which provides for the future importation of such goods into the USA. Imports from the region should generally be prohibited unless it can be proven that a product was created without the use of forced labor. The government is to work out details on implementation.

US President Joe Biden has to sign the bill to go into effect. The White House had previously agreed to support the plans and said the government shared the view that China must be held accountable for human rights abuses and genocide, and that forced labor in Xinjiang must be combated.

In recent months, the US government had blacklisted several companies in China, among other things, on charges of suppressing the Muslim Uyghur minority and blocked the import of certain solar components from Xinjiang because, according to Washington, they were manufactured using slave labor will. The US also imposed sanctions on several biotechnology facilities in China on Thursday.


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