US panel recommends other vaccines before Johnson & Johnson

SILVER SPRING (dpa-AFX) – An advisory body to the US health authority CDC has spoken out in favor of other corona vaccines being preferred to the active ingredient from Johnson & Johnson (JohnsonJohnson). The risk of brain thrombosis in connection with a vaccination with the preparation from Johnson & Johnson is higher than previously known, it said on Thursday to justify it. Dozens of cases and at least nine deaths have been detected in the past few months. The recommendation is not binding on the CDC. Most of the time, the authority sticks to it.

In addition to Johnson & Johnson, the preparations from Biontech (BioNTech (ADRs)) / Pfizer and Moderna are also approved in the USA. The vaccinations with the active ingredient from Johnson & Johnson were temporarily suspended in the spring after the first cases of brain thrombosis became known./cah/DP/men

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