They promise more certification and planting of avocado trees in Jalisco

Given the announcement of avocado exports to the United States and the increase in production, the Association of Avocado Producers Exporters of Jalisco AC (APEAJAL) committed to promoting the environmental certification of producers and a 10-year Green Agenda to plant 157 thousand trees in southern Jalisco.

It is in this region where more avocado is produced and where, two years ago, the Salsipuedes river overflowed due to deforestation to plant the “green gold”.

But nevertheless, Javier Medina Villanueva, head of the CA, pointed out that the Rainforest Alliance environmental certification is not mandatory to export. Today only 1,700 hectares have it out of the 37,000 that exist in the State.

He added that they will seek the certification of at least 20 or 25 thousand hectares and, for the following year, at least five thousand although, he stressed, the procedures “are not so dynamic” and they need help from the government authorities.

“We ask that Semadet (Ministry of the Environment and Territorial Development) no longer admit any certification of those who misuse forest resources. We as an industry can ask them to do things well, but if they (the government) don’t help we can’t do more ”, he said.

In addition, on the subject of water, assured that more than 30 thousand hectares already have a technified irrigation system to save water.

With the opening of exports to the North American country, a 10% increase in production is expected, Medina Villanueva said.



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