RKI: The number of cases is not falling fast enough

BERLIN (dpa-AFX) – The number of new corona infections is not falling sharply or quickly enough in view of the high level of stress in the intensive care units and the impending wave of Omikron. This is what the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) wrote in its weekly report on Thursday. For this reason, all measures – such as reducing contacts, wearing masks or complying with hygiene rules – would have to be maintained or even intensified.

The number of reported new corona infections fell by 13 percent between December 6 and 12 compared to the previous week, according to the report. The proportion of samples tested positive has not increased any further and is now at 20.9 percent (previous week: 21.0 percent). Despite this development, the number of cases is still very high and the intensity of the intensive care units remains high.

The RKI registered an increase in the number of detected infections with the omicron variant of the coronavirus. By December 14th, 112 cases of the worrying variant have been detected via genome sequencing. In 213 other cases there is suspicion based on a specific PCR test. There are already first outbreaks. By December 7th, there had been 28 known infections with the Omikron variant. In relation to the total number of infections, however, the variant hardly plays a role in Germany: practically all infections are currently caused by the delta variant, writes the RKI./ags/DP/men

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