Court overturns the 2G rule for Lower Saxony’s business

Status: 16.12.2021 5:30 p.m.

The Higher Administrative Court (OVG) in Lüneburg has suspended the 2G rule in retail with immediate effect.

The measure was not necessary to further contain the coronavirus and is also not compatible with the general principle of equality, the court decided on Thursday, according to the announcement. Since Sunday, the rule in retail in Lower Saxony has been that those who had not been vaccinated against Corona or recovered from the virus could only shop in shops for daily needs. According to the notification, the court order is not contestable. A retail branch had sued.

Land has not stepped up its research efforts

The 13th Senate of the court justified its decision, among other things, by stating that it was not possible to simply transfer research findings from closed spaces in the sports and leisure sector to retailers. In addition, retail customers could also be required to wear an FFP2 mask. It is also not evident that the country has increased its research on infection routes in order to improve the accuracy of its protective measures.

FDP welcomes the verdict from Lüneburg

The FDP in the state parliament welcomed the judgment in the evening. In a contribution to the short message service Twitter, the parliamentary group chairman Stefan Birkner wrote: “It is wrong to try to increase the vaccination rate at the expense of certain industries and without looking at the infection rate.” For the state government in Lower Saxony, this is another sign of its planless and aimless corona policy, Birkner continued.

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