Handball: Germany wins World Cup opener against the Czech Republic

As of: December 2nd, 2021 8:01 pm

The German national women’s team started the handball world championship with a sovereign victory against the Czech Republic.

On Thursday (December 2nd, 2021), national coach Henk Groener’s selection in Llíria, Spain, won 31:21 (17:10). The best throwers for Germany were Alina Grijseels and Julia Maidhof, each with four hits.

Thanks to an aggressive defense and a cool attack, the German handball players got off to an extremely successful start, which already means a big step towards the main round. Further opponents of the German team in group E are Slovakia on Saturday and Hungary on Monday. The top three in each group advance.

A lot of pressure from the back room

After a balanced start, the German team quickly got the game under control and scored three goals for the first time at 7: 4 (13th). The basis for this was an aggressive defense with a good-natured goalkeeper Dinah Eckerle behind them.

Satisfied expression at national coach Groener

A lot of pressure was exerted from the backcourt on the offensive and primarily the end of the circle was sought. That turned out to be very efficient. The reward for the good performance was a six-goal lead at 12: 6 (23rd), which has meanwhile even been expanded to eight goals (16: 8).

Groener watched his protégés appear on the sidelines with a satisfied expression. In the closing stages of the first half, the 61-year-old Dutchman even had the luxury of giving the back trio with Emily Bölk, Grijseels and Maidhof a break at the same time.

After the break, the national coach continued to change. Katharina Filter moved into the gate, who, like Eckerle before, shone with a few parades. There was also no break in attack, although the first formation was now completely on the bench. On the contrary: at 23:12 (39th) the lead was even eleven goals.

Phase of weakness in the feeling of certain victory

In anticipation of the sure victory, the DHB team then made a few weaknesses, so that the Czechs reduced the gap to seven goals at 25:18. Groener responded immediately with a break in which he shook his charges awake. In the final phase, the German team didn’t let anything go wrong.


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