Collecting society demands 190 million euros from Facebook

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BERLIN (dpa-AFX) – The meta Subsidiary Facebook (Facebook share) is to pay a three-digit million amount to German media houses for the use of press content next year, according to the will of the collecting society Corint Media. “For the rights of the rights holders represented so far, a license fee of 190 million euros will be required in 2022,” said the collecting society on Thursday in Berlin about its license agreement. The background to this is the copyright law, which was revised this year and which also includes ancillary copyright for press houses.

The group should pay for the use of press content in the Facebook services and on Instagram. According to its own information, the collecting society used the relevant sales of Facebook Ireland Ltd. for the calculation. in Germany. This is a subsidiary of the US group Meta, which was formerly also called Facebook.

Corint Media put the US group Google (Alphabet A share) back in October proposed a license agreement, called for negotiations and demanded an amount of 420 million euros for 2022. Google had said in a reaction at the time: “We adhere to the law and orientate ourselves on facts, not on unfounded demands. Corint ignores the fact that Google creates considerable added value for publishers and does not generate any significant income from news content.”


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