Gas prices: Energy crisis: other utilities in Great Britain insolvent


The rising energy prices are not only noticeable among consumers. Many utilities go bankrupt.

(Photo: dpa)

London As a result of the sharp rise in gas prices, two other energy providers in Great Britain have gone bankrupt. As the supervisory authority Ofgem announced on Thursday, around 70,000 households are affected by the end of the providers Entice Energy and Orbit Energy. You will now select a provider who will take over the customers of the two companies, the authority continues.

In the UK, more and more energy providers are forced to file for bankruptcy because of high gas prices. The country is particularly hard hit by the rise in the price on the world market because it has hardly any gas in stock. At the same time, a statutory price cap prevents the higher costs from being passed on to customers. It was only on Monday that Bulb, the largest provider to date, went down on its knees. The company has so far supplied around 1.7 million customers with energy.

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