This is how the prices of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum move today

The price of Bitcoin rose to $ 57,940.08 today, compared to $ 57,197.47 the previous day.

Bitcoin Cash price rose to $ 625.44 after trading at $ 619.33 the previous day.


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The Ethereum course is stronger compared to the previous day. One Ethereum is currently worth 4,381.38 US dollars. The price was yesterday at $ 4,271.54.

The price of the digital currency Litecoin rose to $ 223.02 on Thursday. The day before, the rate of the digital currency was put at 212.28 US dollars.

The Ripple price was trading at $ 1.040 on Thursday. The Ripple price climbed above the previous day’s level of 1.033 US dollars.

The course of the digital currency Cardano was shown little moved on Thursday at 1.668 US dollars. The day before, it was already at $ 1.665.

The course of the digital currency Monero is quoted today at 244.18 US dollars in the plus. The previous day the price was $ 243.85.

The IOTA is trading stronger at $ 1.575. The day before, the price was quoted at $ 1.501.

The Verge price was trading at $ 0.0247 on Thursday. The day before, the Verge was worth $ 0.0237. With this the Verge continues its sideways movement.

The Stellar course presents itself as a plus. This is currently trading at $ 0.3372. The day before, the rate had been $ 0.3275.

The NEM course has not moved from the previous day. One NEM is currently worth $ 0.1719. It stood at $ 0.1708 yesterday.

The Dash price ranks at $ 206.81. The day before, the Dash was still at $ 204.11.

Today the NEO price climbed to $ 40.39. This increased the price of the NEO rate over the previous day’s level of 39.23 US dollars. editors

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