There is an agreement to strengthen the minimum wage: AMLO

After his lunch yesterday with businessmen at the National Palace, the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) assured that there is an agreement to strengthen Minimum salary because, he affirmed, “it is on the ground” and he assured that the salary is higher in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

In his “morning” conference, AMLO He demanded that there be “foolish and bad-hearted people” who want the neoliberal policy to return that prevented the increase in the pussy wage by ensuring that inflation would grow.

“We have to try to increase the minimum wage”, said.

“Were you able to discuss this with employers?” He was asked.

“Yes and there is an agreement that the salary has to be strengthened because it is on the ground, despite, I repeat, the increase of about 50% as never in more than 30 years, at the border we increased it to double, the minimum wage “.

“I really don’t know how there are people so foolish and with a bad heart, who want that (neoliberal) policy to return even though our salary is higher than the minimum wage in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador than in Mexico” .

In the National Palace, AMLO pointed out that when the rise of China began, there was talk that they had the advantage of having low salaries “and indeed, at that time the salary in Mexico it was higher than in China, but currently it is not like that, the salary is higher in China than in Mexico. “

“We owe all this to the neoliberals, and to their bosses who dedicated themselves to looting and always with the excuse that if the minimum wage increased, inflation would increase “.

President López Obrador acknowledged that it is not possible to increase the pussy salary disproportionately, to recover all that was lost in purchasing power in 30 years in one fell swoop because “it would generate instability.”

“But if we gradually recover the purchasing power of the salary, because it is not only a matter of justice, it is to strengthen our purchasing power, the capacity to consume, to help the internal market “.

He pointed out that last year it was only the labor sector and the public sector who were in favor of increasing the minimum wage “even though there were businessmen who were in favor of increasing wages, but there was a differentiated vote within the business organizations and they decided not to support. “

“Now I hope that consensus is reached, but we will wait,” he added.



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