ROUNDUP / Overloaded clinics: Relocations from Bavaria in preparation

MUNICH (dpa-AFX) – In view of the worsening corona situation in the clinics, Bavaria is preparing to transport a larger number of intensive care patients to other federal states. The so-called cloverleaf concept for the strategic relocation of intensive care patients within Germany has now been activated for the Free State, announced the German interdisciplinary association for intensive care and emergency medicine (Divi) on Wednesday night.

The chairman of the working group of the Conference of Interior Ministers for Fire Brigade Matters, Rescue, Disaster Control and Civil Defense, Hermann Schröder, explained that applications for relocation for around 80 patients from Bavaria and the east of Germany – the Kleeblatt-Ost – were examined on Wednesday via the clover leaf procedure .

At first, however, it was unclear which Bavarian clinics could be affected. The LMU Klinikum, which claims to treat most of the Covid 19 intensive care patients in the state capital, is currently significantly expanding its intensive care capacities and is not planning to move patients to other federal states for treatment, said the medical director and chairman of the board, Markus Lerch, on request with. “In the past few days and weeks, the LMU Klinikum has repeatedly taken over intensive care patients infected with Covid-19 from other Bavarian hospitals, whenever they needed treatment in a maximum provider and as far as the intensive care capacities at the LMU Klinikum allowed it.”

The pandemic officer of the Klinikum rechts der Isar of the Technical University of Munich, Christoph Spinner, announced that the situation was tense. “By postponing planned operations and interventions, however, the acute care of Covid-19 and non-Covid-19 patients can currently be guaranteed. Due to the activation of the clover leaf system, we are currently checking which patients can be transferred from the intensive care units. ”

The number of Covid 19 intensive care patients in Bavaria’s hospitals has meanwhile increased to over a thousand for the first time. On Wednesday noon, the nationwide intensive care registry reported 41 additional Covid 19 intensive care patients, the total number rose from 965 to 1006. The death toll is also growing rapidly: According to data from Munich’s Ludwig Maximilians University, 432 corona patients have died in Bavaria in the past seven days – and thus within a week more than in the whole of October.

The intensive care units are confronted with a higher number of corona patients than at the apex of the second corona wave at the beginning of the year. At that time, a little over 900 corona intensive care patients were being treated. On Wednesday, fewer than ten percent of the intensive care beds were free in exactly half of the 96 Bavarian rural districts and urban districts, and there was not a single free intensive care bed in twenty municipalities.

Many clinics have been in this position for weeks. The proportion of corona patients in many hospitals has continued to rise, among other things because planned operations are being postponed. Throughout Bavaria, more than a third of the currently available intensive care beds are occupied by Covid 19 patients, the majority are still the unvaccinated. In some municipalities, the situation is extreme: On Wednesday 9 of the 11 intensive care patients in the Augsburg district were Covid cases, one bed was still free.

The strategic steering committee of the federal and state governments activated the clover leaf conference so that Covid 19 patients can continue to receive intensive care medicine despite emerging bottlenecks in some regions. The purpose of this conference, which is exchanged daily or every two days, is to organize a nationwide transfer of patients. The aim is to find free spaces and suitable means of transport.

According to Divi information, the states of Thuringia, Saxony, Berlin and Brandenburg, which are also particularly affected by Corona, have activated the concept, they belong to the east clover leaf. Currently there was still free capacity in the north and in Hesse. / Sd / DP / stw

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