ROUNDUP / IAEA: Soon there will be no full overview of Iran’s nuclear program

VIENNA (dpa-AFX) – The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has urgently warned of the consequences of its restricted inspections in Iran. One day after unsuccessful talks in Tehran, IAEA boss Rafael Grossi criticized again on Wednesday in Vienna that his inspectors had not had access to the recordings of the IAEA surveillance cameras in Iran and a workshop for uranium centrifuges in Iran for months. “We are already close to a point where I can no longer guarantee a continuous level of knowledge,” said Grossi during a press conference.

The Iranian government made no concessions in the negotiations in Tehran. Grossi informed the IAEA Board of Governors on Wednesday about his visit to Tehran, which also addressed unanswered questions about the development of the country’s nuclear program. “Despite all of my efforts, these detailed negotiations and discussions on the unresolved issues of surveillance (…) were inconclusive,” Grossi told the panel. There was no progress at all, he told the media afterwards.

The IAEA chief brought this news just a few days before a new round of negotiations to save the 2015 Iranian nuclear deal is due to begin in Vienna on Monday. Germany, France, Russia and China mediate between the USA and Iran. Washington pulled out of the pact in 2018, which is supposed to prevent the construction of atomic bombs in Iran. Tehran responded to new US sanctions by expanding its nuclear program contrary to the agreements and restricting IAEA inspectors. / Al / DP / mis

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