Petrol price falls after weeks of soaring

MUNICH (dpa-AFX) – Falling gasoline prices provide relaxation at the pump. The price for premium E10 petrol fell by 2.1 cents per liter within a week, as the ADAC announced on Wednesday. The nationwide daily average on Tuesday was therefore 1.671 euros per liter. Before that, E10 had become more expensive twelve times in a row on a weekly basis and was only just below its all-time high from 2012.

Diesel was cheaper by 0.6 cents to 1.551 euros per liter. However, the price of the fuel had already fallen last week.

The ADAC sees scope for further price reductions, but the current decline could be short-lived. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the oil price, which is considered to be a key factor in the fluctuations in fuel prices, increased again./ruc/DP/mis

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