How is New York coping without Trump?

Status: 11/24/2021 10:23 a.m.

For New York’s Mayor de Blasio, the Trump Organization is like the Mafia; the city terminated its collaboration after the Capitol storm. But even an ice rink shows: it’s not that simple.

By Peter Mücke, ARD-Studio New York

In January, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio couldn’t go fast enough: You are no longer doing business with the Trump Organization: “We are not doing business with a criminal organization. We also do not do business with the mafia. Unfortunately, it is Trump Organization from my point of view nothing more than organized crime. “

For a long time New York had seen things differently – and had enjoyed doing business with the city’s famous son. For various real estate projects, ex-President Donald Trump received tax rebates worth millions. And when the city under Mayor Ed Koch tried in vain for seven years to renovate the Wollman Rink – a dilapidated ice rink in Central Park – Trump came at just the right time.

In 1986, Trump needed just four months instead of the targeted six – and did not even use tricks to exhaust the budget. Since then, the Trump Organization has operated the ice rink, and later another one was added in the north of Central Park, also a historic children’s carousel in the park and, most recently, a golf course in the Bronx.

“New York has gotten better,” said Mayor de Blasio


“Leb’ wohl, Trump Organization!”

Until the mayor pulled the ripcord after the storm on the Capitol in Washington earlier this year: “In the light of this criminal act, the city decided to terminate all contracts with the Trump Organization. We will no longer do business with them. Goodbye, Trump Organization! “

Farewell that was not difficult. The contracts for the ice rinks and the carousel would have expired in April anyway. In the end, the city even came to an arrangement with Trump so that the ice skating season did not have to be stopped prematurely. Then the difficult search for new operators began.

The carousel stood still all summer and has only been turning again for a few weeks. The ice rink in the north of Central Park will be closed for renovation this winter. But at least de Blasio was able to usher in the season at the Wollman Rink: “This is one of the moments when you notice: New York has not only come back, it has even gotten better. The Wollman Rink is back – and better than ever . “

But above all, more expensive than ever. A family of four now pays $ 109 with skates and lockers – under Trump it was $ 95. The new operator points out that he is not even making a profit, but investing the proceeds in the ice rink and the park.

The golf course business could get expensive

The golf course in the Bronx could turn out to be really uncomfortable for the city. This lease does not expire until 2035. The Trump Organization is now taking legal action against the early termination and is demanding compensation of $ 30 million. The responsible park administration did not want to comment on this despite multiple inquiries.

And still-Mayor de Blasio prefers to talk about other things: “I want you to see the rebirth. How great this city is. The possibilities that open up here every day. All of you here are part of this comeback story.”

With which de Blasio wants to go down in the annals of the city. He leaves the Trump legacy to his successor Eric Adams, who will move into town hall in January.

Ice rink, carousel and golf course – how does New York get along without Trump?

Peter Mücke, ARD New York, 11/24/2021 9:12 am

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