This car was bought by Tesla CEO Elon Musk for one million dollars

An American couple buys a warehouse in New York. The price: $ 100. The profit: almost a million.

• A couple buys a warehouse for $ 100
• There you will find a legendary sports car

• Acquires this Elon Musk for a million dollars

Once like James Bond in one Aston Martin DBS whiz through the streets, conquer the desert in a Dodge M43 or take your seat in the Lockheed JetStar. Dreams that many James Bond fans harbor. One turned over a million dollars to fulfill one of them: Elon Musk.

Surprising find

The year is 1989. An American couple wants to buy a warehouse in Long Island, New York State. With success: You were the highest bidder and paid 100 US dollars. But neither she nor the seller knew what was in the hall, because the auction was a blind auction. They made a surprising find deep under old blankets: there was the “Wet Nellie” sports car in the form of a Lotus Esprit S1, which made its appearance in the 1977 James Bond film “The Spy Who Loved Me”.

It is one of eight sports cars that actor Roger Moore drove as James Bond’s secret agent in the films. After the film appearance, the car was moved to a hall and forgotten for years.

Until he is found by the new owner couple. But they had no idea what was being given to them. “They didn’t know what it was at first,” Ian Fleming Foundation co-founder Doug Redenius told NBC in 2013, who verified the car’s originality. You would never have seen any of the Bond films. The husband wanted to repair the partly collapsed sports car and had it transported by a truck. The driver finally drew his attention to his find.

$ 100 against a million

Redenius suggested to the couple in 2013 that the Wet Nellie be auctioned off at the traditional auction house RM Sotheby’s. He told them that if the car sold for the price hoped for, “the money will give you the opportunity to live comfortably for the rest of your life”. The auction turned out to be a complete success. An anonymous buyer bought the sports car for $ 997,000. It later emerged that this buyer was Elon Musk. The Tesla boss told the news portal Jalopnik that he had a great passion for the James Bond films.

“I loved watching the James Bond movie” The Spy Who Loved Me “as a kid,” said Musk. He would have loved the fact that James Bond could push a button and transform the car into a submarine. As Jalopnik further reports, Musk was disappointed that the car cannot actually be converted. “What I’m going to do now is equip the car with a Tesla electric drive and make it transformable,” said Musk.

The Tesla boss said this year that he was inspired by the legendary Lotus Esprit when designing the latest Tesla Cybertruck. In addition to the James Bond film, he was also influenced by the fantasy / science fiction film “Blade Runner”. editors

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