More powerful solar roof tiles: Tesla’s Solar Roof now generates more electricity

According to a data sheet, Tesla is bringing higher-performance solar roof tiles to the market in order to improve its solar roof offering. These should also simplify and speed up the installation.

• Tesla’s solar roof tiles are expected to reach 71.67 watts in the future

• This should make installation easier

• The German company Autarq wants to keep up with Tesla

Visually appealing, efficient and good for the environment – solar roof tiles have a number of advantages. No wonder that Tesla is also investing heavily in the electricity-producing clapboard business. According to the online platform t3n, the US automaker is still in the process of selling its solar range across the board. The kick-start for this could now be a new solar roof upgrade.

Performance increased by 22 percent

According to a data sheet available from the news portal Electrek, this would increase the performance of the individual shingles and simplify installation. The previous tiles with a maximum output of 58.5 watts are expected to reach 71.67 watts in the future. However, this will not change the size of the modules. With this performance improvement, according to Tesla, it should be possible to install fewer solar shingles and thus to accelerate the installation process, as fewer electrical connections have to be made. In order to improve sales of solar roofs even further, Tesla is also working on standardizing its shingles so that they can also be installed by independent roofing companies.

Solar shingles offer several advantages

The competition from Tesla is not sleeping, however. According to the online platform EFahrer, Autarq, founded in 2012 by electrical engineer Cornelius Paul, also wants to conquer the solar tile market. The company manufactures its shingles in Prenzlau in Brandenburg itself and has already attached them to 350 objects. The advantages over solar panels are clear: more attractive appearance, flexible installation on angled roof surfaces and no loss of performance with partial shading due to the shingles connected in parallel. The big disadvantage, however: the high costs. The advice portal for energetic renovations Energieheld estimates the cost of installing solar tiles on a 100 square meter roof at 32,300 euros in a new building and 20,300 euros if an existing roof is to be equipped. In the case of photovoltaic systems, the price for a new building is 28,500 euros and for an existing building is 8,500 euros.

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