Good End 2021: Sales in the ZMG grow and exceed 2019 figures

The sales of The Good End 2021 in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area (ZMG) exceeded pre-pandemic numbers by COVID-19.

According to the results of the Economic Impact Study of Good End 2021, presented by the Guadalajara Chamber of Commerce, in this edition the sales grew by 12.8% compared to the previous year, with a total of 4 thousand 480 million pesos (MDP).

In 2020 they were 3 thousand 970 million pesos and in 2019, 4 thousand 343 million pesos. In other words, this year the figures for the last Good End prior to the pandemic were also exceeded.

Present at the Guadalajara Chamber of Commerce press conference were Víctor López Tirado, manager of the Center for Strategic Business Analysis (CAEE) of the Guadalajara Chamber of Commerce; Sebastián Hernández Méndez, head of the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area office of the Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Profeco); Raúl Sánchez Ruiz, Vice President of Liaison and Business Services of the Guadalajara Chamber of Commerce.

Sánchez Ruiz, highlighted the growth compared to other years.

La Canaco reported that the companies registered for the edition were 12 thousand 235. SPECIAL

Yes they are fully met (expectations)It is even exceeded and exceeded. As I mentioned, in 2020 the pandemic had affected El Buen Fin by 8.6%. On this occasion, this growth of 12.8%, because it leaves not only recovered, that part that had been lost in 2020, but also has an increase compared to 2019, we had a much more moderate expectation, this result exceeded the expectation, we are very happy, “commented the owner.

The businessman was also optimistic about the increase in participating businesses that joined in 2021.

“The companies registered for the edition were 12,235, ie 9.5% more than in the last edition, we had an expectation of 6% growth, this exceeded the initial growth initiative, a situation that is positive and increases the offer to the consumer “, he said.

For his part, Sebastián Hernández Méndez, in charge of the Profeco office at the ZMG, explained that all claims were reconciled.

“They provided a 1,620 consultancies, 25 claims were received, of these 25 claims were reconciled 100% in favor of consumers, the amount recovered was 403,139 pesos, I tell you that it was lower than last year, which was 946,000 pesos, “he said.

Also, another part of the CAEE statistics indicates that the percentage of consumers in shopping centers on 52% were women and 48% men, about 7 out of 10 buyers are between the ages of 18 and 45.

In the occupation of buyers 4 out of 10 consumers in shopping centers are employees, either in the public and private sectors.

And the average overall rating of what Good End 2021 looked like to buyers 75% of people rated good to excellent these trading days.

The most purchased items this Good End: 45% clothing and footwear, 26% electronics, 9% white goods, 8% household items, 6% toys and entertainment, another 6% in care, health, beauty, jewelry, books and Office items.

The average purchase amount of a client during the Good End was 7,151 pesos, 13.7% higher than in 2020, they spent approximately 6,289 pesos.

The CAEE study was carried out at points of sale with data collection, a face-to-face interview in shopping centers during the six days that Good End 2021 lasted, in total one thousand 92 people were surveyed, with a confidence level of the statistics of 99% and a margin of error ± 3.9%.



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