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Status: 20.11.2021 02:22 a.m.

The US authorities now allow booster vaccinations from the age of 18. Hamburg and Saarland are using 2G as of today. Left boss Wissler is against full football stadiums. All developments in the live blog.

  • Booster vaccinations in the US are now possible from the age of 18
  • Stricter rules in Hamburg and Saarland
  • Left boss against full football stadiums
  • Maas and Aschenberg-Dugnus against general compulsory vaccination

02:22 am

Booster vaccinations in the USA now from the age of 18

A booster vaccination against the coronavirus is now officially possible for all Americans 18 and over. According to rules set by the US Food and Drug Administration, they can be vaccinated with the Pfizer and Biontech or Moderna vaccine six months after their second vaccination.

The CDC health authority has now approved the new requirement. She accepted a recommendation from her scientific advisors. They let it be known that everyone over 50 should definitely get a booster vaccination. Millions more Americans can now get their third vaccination. So far, the US authorities have only supported a third-party vaccination for high-risk patients and other people at high risk.

In at least ten US states, however, booster vaccinations have already been given to all adults in the past few weeks. Now, with the FDA ruling, that’s getting easier.

Americans over 18 can then switch from one vaccine to the other. In addition to the vaccine from Pfizer / Biontech and Moderna, the vaccine from Johnson & Johnson, of which only one dose is administered during the first immunization, is also approved in the USA. Those who received this vaccine were already entitled to a booster vaccination after two months in the USA.

01:53 am

In Hamburg and Saarland, tightenings come into force

In the fight against further coronavirus spread, stricter rules come into force in Saarland and Hamburg today. As of Saturday, unvaccinated people will be largely excluded from public life in the Hanseatic city. A 2G obligation applies to restaurants, bars, clubs, discos, indoor sports as well as leisure choirs and orchestras. Essential body-hugging services such as foot care and medical treatments are still available under 3G terms.

As of today, only those who have been vaccinated and recovered are allowed to enter the interiors of restaurants, leisure, cultural and sports facilities in Saarland. The 2G rule also applies to events, hotel stays and visits to so-called body-hugging service providers such as hairdressers. The previous measures have also been tightened for outdoor areas. Organizers of Christmas markets in Saarland, for example, can choose between the 3G rule or a mask requirement. In addition, the mask requirement in schools and universities will be reintroduced.

1:25 am

Left boss against full football stadiums

Left boss Janine Wissler rejects full ranks in the football stadiums in the midst of the difficult Corona situation. “In view of the situation in the intensive care units, full stadiums and full Christmas markets are not responsible,” she told the “Tagesspiegel”. With such a high number of infections, 2G does not offer sufficient protection.

Despite the worsening infection rate, tens of thousands are allowed to visit the stadiums of the Bundesliga at the weekend. There is mostly a 2G regulation for vaccinated and convalescent viewers. In Saxony, however, there will be ghost games again for three weeks from Monday.

11/19/2021 • 12:23 am

Maas and Aschenberg-Dugnus against general compulsory vaccination

After the announcement of a general corona vaccination obligation in Austria, politicians of the possible future traffic light coalition are ruling out such a regulation for Germany. “That won’t happen,” says the executive foreign minister, Heiko Maas (SPD), to the TV broadcaster Bild Live. “Because we don’t consider it necessary, because we also consider it difficult from a constitutional point of view.”

The FDP health politician Christine Aschenberg-Dugnus said: “Putting the general compulsory vaccination in the room as a threat doesn’t help anyone. Especially the countries with dramatic corona numbers should concentrate on expanding the vaccination offers as agreed and implementing the new corona measures . “

November 19, 2021 • 1:00 a.m.

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